Retail Industry 2022 Highlights

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December 07, 2022

There are many things on the mind of a retail business: its supply chain, cost control, online and offline stores, customer experience, employee retention…the list goes on. These challenges do not happen in a vacuum, either. As the workplace becomes mobile and stores become automated, having the right communications solution is critical to retail success.

Learn more about the state of the retail industry in our top retail blogs from this year.

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Top 6 Retail Technology Trends For 2022

The retail landscape underwent a rapid change due to COVID. We look at the tech trends and share six tips for retailers to consider.

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Weather the Retail Storm with the 3 E’s of Employee Experience

A perfect storm of challenges struck retail workers: keep customer experience high, but not at the expense of employee experience. Here’s how to improve your organization’s CX and EX.

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This Little Piggy Went to Market? Grocery in an Age of Disruption

Inflation, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and the rise of online shopping. Grocers experienced dramatic changes over in recent memory. Learn how the industry is adapting.

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Conquer the Holiday Season with UCaaS customer experience thumb

Conquer the Holiday Season with UCaaS

The right UCaaS solution can make or break a retail business. Here’s how to keep your staff connected and productive during the holiday shopping season.

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5 Things Retailers Can Do Now for A Successful Holiday Season thumb

5 Things Retailers Can Do Now for A Successful Holiday Season

Customers want a quick, easy, and personalized experience from retailers during the holiday season. That goes for online and in-person shopping. Check out our tips to stand out.

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Besting Black Friday with Communications Mitel retail thumb

Besting Black Friday with Communications

Each year, Black Friday sales seem to start earlier and earlier. It is undoubtedly one of the retail industry’s busiest times. How can retailers succeed during the shopping rush? Find out in this blog.

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Blog 6 Customer Experience 690 x 360

Live and Digital: The Blended Customer Experience of the Future

Customer experience blends digital and live interactions. Capitalize on consumer trust by building bespoke experiences for each customer.

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CX Tales: When Customer Service Goes to the Dogs – and How to Prevent It

Bad customer experiences can be a death knell for an organization. Don’t let customer service go to the dogs. Live your customers’ experiences as if your business depends on them because it does.

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