A few months ago I passed the two-year threshold of my time here at ShoreTel. It has been a fast paced two years with lots of changes, particularly when it comes to our Contact Center solution.

ECC (Enterprise Contact Center) has grown up massively from where it was just two years ago. We’ve issued two major releases, several updates in between those releases and have overall improved the product. I am very proud to be associated with it.

That said, there is also a lot of confusion with all the growth in ECC on what exactly is included in the product and its features and functionality. I spend multiple hours each week talking to our sales team and partners and while some of that confusion has subsided from a couple of years ago, there is still a certain measure of it out there.

So let me try to clear up the waters for everyone by answering the top six myths about ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center.

Myth #1: ECC only supports 500 agents.

ECC supports up to 2,000 configured agents and 1,000 concurrent agents. Remember that ECC is licensed on concurrency. (The system is licenses for capacities. We do not “name agents”).

Myth #2: ECC does not support blended agents.

ECC does support blended agents. One agent can be configured to handle email interactions, chat interactions, in-bound call interactions and outbound call interactions. So long as the agent is configured for the various activities and in the proper groups (queues) to handle those interactions, they can blend between activities.

Myth #3: IVR is a separate purchase from ECC.

ECC includes IVR built into the solution and is included in the base pricing of the solution and it comes with 30 IVR ports. With each inbound agent license there is an additional IVR port included. If a customer needs more IVR ports they can absolutely purchase more port licenses. The IVR in ECC is able to handle self service items (such as account balances, etc.), collect digits such as account numbers or customer IDs, tie into databases and CRM solutions – just to name a few of its functions.

Myth #4: ECC is for small Contact Centers only, not larger busy ones.

ShoreTel has ECC deployed in customers with as few as 10 agents and as high as 900. The real important piece though, is the amount of calls that these centers are taking. Our busiest customers are taking over 100,000 calls per month (or 4,761 calls per day or 595 calls per hour (in an 8-hour day). While the deployment for this customer does require the IVR to sit on a separate server, the core ECC solution is still the one processing all of these calls.

Myth #5: Real Time Reporting is an additional cost requiring an additional license
Partly False

Real Time Reporting is ECC comes in the Agent Manager, a client that is available to Supervisors. The Agent Manager itself is included in ECC at no additional cost. To access it, a Supervisor license is required which has a license fee. Keep in mind that our Real Time Reporting is truly real time. It updates every second so supervisors can see what is going on in their contact center the instant it happens.

Myth #6: Historical Reporting is an additional cost in ECC

Historical Reporting is included with ECC. There is no additional cost! Even better, the Historical Reporting in ECC is completely customizable by the customer and includes a built-in formula editor if the customer wants to create his or her own formulas. Again, these are at no cost and are built into the solution. Our historical reporting has dozens of templates and thousands of data points to report on so no matter what the customer size or vertical market, ECC’s reporting can handle it.

As always, if you have any questions about ShoreTel’s Contact Center reach out to your ShoreTel Area Sales Manager who can reach us here on the Contact Center Practice team.

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