Workforce Management Partnership Boosts Contact Center Capabilities

    Improved customer experience. Employee engagement. Operational efficiency. These are the pressures facing modern contact centers, and workforce management is a critical tool for addressing these ever-increasing demands. That’s why we’ve partnered with Teleopti – a global provider of workforce management (WFM) solutions – to bring you a superior WFM offering.

    The alliance will integrate Teleopti technology with the contact center offerings for Mitel’s MiVoice Business and MX-One platforms to deliver an enterprise-caliber workforce management offering to Mitel’s global customers and channels. 

    As part of the announcement, we sat down with Brian Spencer, vice president of contact center sales for Mitel and David Påhlman, president of Teleopti Inc. to discuss what the partnership means for customers and channels.

    Q: Why have Mitel and Teleopti partnered on this initiative?

    Brian: At Mitel, we wanted to strengthen our enterprise contact center offering with market-leading workforce management, and we wanted the offering to be global. Factoring in global reach, mutual customers, industry leadership and capability, Teleopti was the natural choice for a WFM partner.

    Q: What was behind the decision to team up with Mitel?

    David: Teleopti and Mitel have a strong alignment in terms of our channels and go-to-market strategies, as well as a substantial joint customer base across all sizes of contact centers. Culturally, we are a great fit. Mitel has placed a strong emphasis on delivering innovative solutions that drive a differentiated end user experience, which is something we also believe in at Teleopti.

    Q: How will this partnership benefit your customers?

    David: Mitel customers will gain easy access to the most advanced and user-friendly workforce management software on the market. The software will help companies and organizations optimize staffing and increase operational efficiency across all channels.

    Brian: Companies and organizations benefit from a seamless, total contact center solution. Increased integration. Fewer vendors to work with. Simplified billing. As part of our strategy of leveraging partnerships with market leaders whose offerings complement our own, this alliance makes us nimbler and better equipped to respond to changing customer demands.

    Q: How will this partnership benefit your channels?

    Brian: Channels get access to a single global offering that includes product, services and support for large, sophisticated contact centers. Mitel and Teleopti also will devote marketing and consulting resources to help generate awareness and adoption of the offering.

    If you’d like more information about this offering, contact your Mitel representative or contact us. Mitel WFM is now available to Mitel customers and channels.