Working Out Tips for Moving More During the Workday

4 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active at Work with Unified Communications

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April 17, 2024

Like many office workers worldwide, you might feel stuck inside at your desk all day without opportunities to move. But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to be active at work. There are simple steps you can take to move more throughout your day.

In the northern hemisphere, spring might be a great time to shake off some winter stiffness, but it’s also a good reminder to find fun ways to incorporate movement into your life year-round, no matter where you live.

Even if your job requires you to be at your desk for long hours, there are some easy ways to get moving daily. While many of us often equate technology with a more sedentary lifestyle, unified communications and collaboration solutions can make it easier to be more active during the workday.

The Downside of the Desk

Many office workers are in relatively sedentary routines, increasing the risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. This can be incredibly challenging for those working from home, who may feel like they must be at their computers all day instead of being able to get up and walk over to a coworker’s desk.

The American Heart Association estimates that the effects of heart disease, including healthcare services, medications, and premature death, will exceed $1 trillion by 2035. If things don’t change by then, they predict that nearly half (45%) of the US population will have some form of cardiovascular disease.

Chronic disease isn’t just costly in money or physical health, either. Unhealthy habits erode our quality of life, damaging mental health and impacting our ability to perform at work. Adding a bit of regular physical activity to a sedentary lifestyle helps reduce the risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, depression, anxiety, and dementia.

4 Simple Ways to Get Moving with Business Communications

Establishing exercise habits – no matter how small – has a lasting effect on overall health and happiness. Even a few more minutes of movement daily adds significant changes, and incorporating it into your routine is easier than you think.

1. Schedule Walking or Standing Meetings

Standing has many benefits, including burning calories, increasing energy and mood, and improving posture. An ergonomic standing desk can help, but you can experiment with something as simple as raising your computer on a prop to initiate a standing meeting. Get up from your desk and take your call on foot whenever possible. With softphones and collaboration apps, a cord won’t constrain your meeting, and you can move to your heart’s content.

2. Use the Pomodoro Productivity Technique for Movement

You may have heard of the Pomodoro Productivity Technique: 25 minutes of focused work followed by a five-minute break. It’s so effective that many time-tracking and productivity apps even have a Pomodoro Technique function. Try it out, fitting in a few squats or jumping jacks during the short break. You may feel more energized and accomplished when you return to your main task.

3. Flexibility in Remote Work

Many employers offer remote and hybrid workers more flexible schedules. If that’s the case in your workplace, use a break in the day to sign up for an exercise class, take your dog for a walk, or even do a bit of powerlifting. Take advantage of flexibility in remote work: don’t forget to block this time off in your calendar or set an away status in your work app so your moment of movement isn’t interrupted.

4. Group Up for Exercise

Need help motivating yourself to move independently? Invite your team members to join you in increasing their activity. Even if you’re all working (out) remotely, having others hold you accountable for your exercise can be very helpful. Whether checking in through group chat or starting a video meeting with some chair yoga, getting your whole team moving together can boost morale and workplace productivity.

Improve Employee Experience with Exercise

The benefits of moving more aren’t just limited to employee health and well-being – companies offering wellness programs get a boost, too. Today’s job hunters are looking for companies that prioritize their physical and mental health, and they’re more likely to stay if those benefits are available.

Employee wellness programs increase workplace productivity, reduce absenteeism, and raise morale. Eighty-three percent of workers said well-being programs improved employee experience, and 79% said they helped them be as productive as possible. Companies must ensure teams take advantage of these to maximize their employee wellness programs. Employees won’t participate in programs they don’t know about, especially if they don’t visit the office daily.

Companies can improve engagement by using multiple communication channels to communicate the fitness message. Emails, chat, calendar appointments, and video meetings are great ways to ensure everyone knows it’s time to get moving.

The next time you’re feeling stagnant and uninspired at work, try stepping away from your desk and getting your heart pumping. Just a few minutes of movement daily can make a big difference when feeling better about yourself and your job.

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