MSA Application

All companies interested in joining the MSA program must submit an online application for one of the following member levels:

  • MSA Partner (MP). Access API & Interface documentation only. Free
  • MSA Developer Partner (MDP) - Basic. Access open API software & full suite of developer & interop resources. Fees apply.
  • MSA Developer Partner (MDP) - Advanced. Access open & licensed API software, & full suite of developer & interop resources. Fees apply.

As part of the online application process, you’ll need to click-to-accept the MSA program terms & conditions.

Application Review
Within 3 days, an MSA program manager will review and approve the application or, if necessary, contact you for a follow-up discussion.

Application Processing & Confirmation
If you selected one of the fee-based member levels, payment instructions will be provided.

Once payment (if applicable) is received, and setup of membership credentials is complete (this can take a few days), you will receive formal email notification of your membership activation, and instructions for accessing the MSA member web portal.


Click here to Join.

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