What Is Desktop Override?


A desktop override is a software feature you can use to instantly notify a team of an urgent issue. Unlike a regular instant notification message, a desktop override will appear above all other windows and require an action to be performed before it can be dismissed.

This functionality is invaluable if your team routinely encounters time-critical issues requiring immediate attention, or if team workflows typically entail intense multi-tasking where a regular desktop notification may easily go unnoticed.


How Desktop Override Works


  • The team member responsible for sending an urgent message would write the message, identify the recipients and, from within the software, tag the message as a desktop override notification.
  • On hitting send, this message would instantly appear over the top of the recipients' software screens, effectively halting other work activity until the notification’s requirement was processed.
  • Because this feature is designed to be disruptive, most teams will develop a narrow set of criteria to determine when a desktop override mass notification is warranted.


Advantages of Desktop Override


Used effectively, a desktop override mass notification:

  • Ensures a message is read instantly: In a busy screen environment, a desktop override is a powerful way of helping team members instantly see a key piece of information.
  • Promotes greater team-wide agility: If your industry involves rapid decision-making, a desktop override notification can make sure your team can pivot quickly based on new data.
  • Can promote a safer workplace: Desktop overrides are particularly effective at alerting a team to potentially hazardous situations.


Who Can Benefit From Desktop Override?


If your company routinely encounters situations requiring rapid response, a desktop override can help you convey critical messages effectively. A desktop override message can also be part of an effective emergency response strategy. This feature is therefore well-suited to companies where one or more workers may be exposed to sudden hazardous conditions.

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