What Is SIP Trunk Proxy Service?


A SIP Trunk Proxy Service helps find the proper destination of a call for your business by seamlessly connecting your on-premises phone system or other designated devices and the public switched telephone network.


How Does SIP Trunk Proxy Service Work?


A SIP Trunk Proxy Service routes your customers to the correct destination within a specific set of criteria. For example, the SIP Trunk Proxy Service knows how to route a call when a user dials an extension, which phones to ring, and for how long before moving onto another destination like a designated cell phone or voice mail.


Benefits & Advantages of SIP Trunk Proxy Service


A SIP Trunk Proxy Service enhances a local business's presence by relying on local area codes. Toll-free numbers are also possible, but may be too generic if your company wants to establish a local reputation in multiple areas or regions. SIP Trunk Proxy Service also creates a more productive, mobile, and reliable team. It doesn't matter if your employees are working in the office, in the field, or at home, when they can be reached easily with the help of a SIP Trunk Proxy Service.


Using a SIP Trunk Proxy


Service can also help companies save money by only paying for the call capacity they need and eliminating expensive equipment instead of one lightweight solution.


Use Cases for SIP Trunk Proxy Service


Employees who travel, relocate often, or live overseas can get set-up with SIP Trunk Proxy Service instead of relying on expensive equipment services.

A company with a robust, mobile business can also use SIP Trunking to connect to laptops, tablets, phones, and landlines for audio or video conferences. Relying on a SIP Trunk Proxy also assures crisp, clean call and video quality without worrying about phone connectivity issues.

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