MiVoice Connect Support

The outage of communications is the cause of costly and burdensome disruptions in companies of all sizes. With MiVoice Connect Support you can have the peace of mind of the continuous operability, software update and cyber security of the platform you trust in.

  • 1. Consider the benefits *

    MiVoice Connect Support provides peace of mind, by ensuring continuous operability, flexibility and cyber security of the platform you rely on. 

  • 2. Calculate your risk

    Estimate the cost of systems downtime and hardware replacement. Sometimes disaster strikes that can be avoided or mitigated with  MiVoice Connect Support.

  • 3. Understand the cost

    Calculate the cost of your Support per user and compare it with all other costs to empower them to deliver… It goes virtually unnoted!

  • 4. Assess your payback

    What would you expect the cost of company downtime would be if you had an expected outage of communications? Multiples compared to ensuring your solution via MiVoice Connect Support?



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    Keep working with no disruption :

    - Hardware Warranty

    - Mitel's Technical Support Service

    - Hotfixes


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    Shield up against increasing threats:

    -Cyber Attacks

    - IT Compliance



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    Adapt your system to changing needs :

    - Software Releases

    - Service Packs

    - User Training



  • Continuous operability

    Mitel protects hardware and software through MiVoice Connect Support.

    You can eradicate or minimize expensive downtimes with MiVoice Connect Support

    • Click here to access Mitel’s Downtime Cost Calculator to calculate the potentially high cost of downtime in your organization
    • Mitel does provide adhoc third-tier support only through MiVoice Connect Support.


    Mitel equipment is renowned for its strength and durability by design and manufacture. With Support you will protect, even more, MiVoice Connect hardware, both spare parts and units.

    • Systems with no Support will not benefit from Mitel’s Hardware Repair or Replacement service.
    • This support, at a fixed price, is even more valuable amid the global shortage of critical raw materials, supply chain disruptions, and inflationary macroeconomics.
    • Mitel does not guarantee the availability of any spare part or unit outside Support.
  • Security & Compliance

    Mitel protects your system from cyber-attacks and viruses, with regular patches and updates.

    Cyber-attacks cause the worst business disruptions, not only for the systems directly targeted, but potentially disrupting the operations of companies of all sizes.

    • Mitel is monitoring real-time global cyber security from ever-changing threats, for all its platforms, through its global customer base, Partners, Distributors, and Mitel engineers.
    • MiVoice Connect Support is the way Mitel protects its systems and customers’ businesses. When Mitel discovers a security threat, the system is updated through Service Packs or new releases to eliminate the threat.


    Mitel Product Security Advisories are published for moderate and high-risk security issues. Just to mention a few recent ones:

    In July’22, Mitel issued a release of MiCollab to fix vulnerabilities 

    In May’22 Mitel fixed 6900 Series IP Phone Vulnerability 

    In April’22, Mitel reported a Data Validation Vulnerability for MiVC

  • Software update

    Support is the best way to ensure you can keep working with MiVoice Connect amid new business needs in changing IT environments.

    MiVoice Connect Support are the way Mitel provides software updates for the platform and ensures the suitability of MiVoice Connect for new IT environments, so it can meet your business needs.

    • In the last two years, Mitel has released two new versions and four Service Packs (among others) for MiVC. A new MiVoice Connect upgrade is scheduled for Q4'22.
    • MiVoice Connect Support is the only way to ensure the system remains adaptable to new environments.
    • Your team constantly makes modifications to your IT framework; change is the essence of IT! You never know when something might break.
(*) Terms and Conditions apply. Contact your Mitel partner or distributors for more information