It’s among an IT manager’s worst nightmares: a network outage during a retailer’s high volume period – Black Friday. As the holiday season kicks off and big shopping days loom, IT staff can take steps to ensure reliable voice service, even under high volume holiday conditions.

1. Get alerted BEFORE customers are impacted

Outcomes are always better when you can be proactive, rather than reacting after a problem has caused significant losses. Software that monitors performance of Mitel and third-party devices like routers and UPS systems can detect developing problems at an early stage using configurable thresholds. Alerts are then sent to IT staff in real-time via email, SMS or Twitter DM.

2. Find out where the problem is—quickly

Finding the source of a problem is a top challenge for IT staff managing voice networks. VoIP quality is highly dependent on network performance, and there are many possible points of failure in today’s complex networks. Monitoring all of these devices is the first step. The second is testing tools that can pinpoint the problem quickly. Secure remote access to any monitored device can help fix the problem once the source is identified.

Check out the 2 Minute Video – Fast Voice Quality Problem Resolution with MarWatch.

3. Prevent problems in the future

Ideally, retailers should go into the busy holiday period knowing their voice network is ready to handle expected call volume. To achieve that, you need historical data on trunk utilization, call volume and quality. You can use this data to ensure you’ve upgraded as necessary to handle increased volume.

Mitel partners and customers that use MarWatch Fault & Performance Management software are proactively preventing downtime, for reliable voice service year-round. Angels the Costumiers is just once example, with a busy retail outlet that experiences high call volume at Halloween:

“The store spans 5 floors, and with high call volume coupled with the need for fast communication within departments, customer service depends on reliable voice services. MarWatch gives us confidence that our network will perform reliably even under high volume conditions.” —Jeremy Angel, Angels the Costumier

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