An agile team is “marked by ready ability to move with quick, easy grace; having a quick, resourceful and adaptable character.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want their teams to be agile?

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But creating a truly agile team is no simple feat. How do they behave? What qualities do they possess? In other words, what does an agile team really look like on a typical day? Of course, there are numerous communications habits that characterize agile teams. But some habits in particular can be enhanced with the right technology. Consider, for example, how hosted phone systems and solutions help teams collaborate, share ideas and get more done in their workday. Curious? Here are six communications habits of agile teams – and how technology enhances collaboration.

6 communications habits of agile teams

They’re always reachable.

You can’t be agile if you’re disconnected. A hosted collaboration and communications solution, such as MiCloud Connect with Mitel Teamwork, provides a single experience across devices and lets workers seamlessly move from one device to another. Team members are always “on” and thus more responsive. Agile employees work best when they have access to all communications features, even on their mobile devices, so they can keep working no matter where they are. 

They share information in real-time.

Being quick and resourceful requires real-time communications. Hosted phone systems and solutions that mirror conversations across all devices in real time allow team members to keep their finger on the pulse of all projects and discussions. Single-click audio, video and web conferencing, in addition to individual and group chat, keep the lines of communication open at all times. No one feels “out of the loop.” The result? The team makes smart decisions based on the latest information and on a collaborative discussion that takes all viewpoints into account.

They keep team members informed.

Information is useless if it’s not shared with the right people in a timely manner. Persistent workspaces foster collaboration and allow users to chat, share files and even create tasks. Everyone has access to the information they need to do their jobs, and people know what they’re responsible for. The tasks performed by each team member complements those of their colleagues, with everyone working toward a well-understood solution. Of course, it’s not surprising that well-informed people accomplish more, since they don’t waste time searching for information or make decisions that have to be undone after the fact.

They’re organized.

We dare you to find an agile team member who’s disorganized. Organization is a critical quality of responsive and adaptive teams. A robust hosted phone system such as MiCloud Connect makes it easy with task management and file sharing. Consolidate conversations and activities into one space for quick access to anything you need during the workday. Calendar and email integration take organization to a new level, keeping team members on top of events, client meetings and messages.

They’re mobile.

In today’s world, agile and mobile go hand-in-hand. A communications solution is nothing if it doesn’t offer full mobile support. Features such as a mobile app for Android and iOS, Siri integration and Bluetooth support provide teammates the hands-free experience they need to stay connected without being tied down.

They track progress on projects.

Agile teams reach the finish line faster by knowing exactly how far they’ve come and what they still need to do. A virtual workspace app such as Teamwork lets them know what activities still require attention. A personal dashboard makes it easy to see project status, propelling each team member toward their ultimate goal.

All you need is the right hosted phone system and solution

Ready for an agile team? All you need is the right communications technology. A hosted phone system and solution that provides innovative features and functionality can turn any team into a well-oiled machine whose information and ideas flow freely.

In addition to the system features mentioned above, other key items to look for in an agile-friendly system include:

  • CRM integration, so your team has instant access to customer and client data.
  • Flexible phone options, such as IP phones, softphones and a mobile app, so people can choose how they communicate.
  • Ad-hoc audio and video conferencing to share information and get answers to questions quickly.
  • Business SMS, so co-workers can text each other from their business lines.
  • Shared contact lists with search functionality, so team members can reach out to the right people when questions or issues arise.

Be graceful. Be nimble. Be responsive. Be adaptable. Be agile. Arm your team with a hosted phone system that makes it easy to talk, chat and share ideas and information easily and quickly. Create an environment that makes collaboration a breeze and completing projects a snap. Make your team the best version of itself. Give them the tools they need to begin your transformation today.

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