Mitel North American Public Sector (SLED) Team

National Contracts:


Mitel 120122-MBS

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) National Purchasing Cooperative

Mitel 210303

US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (USETPA)

Mitel USETPA 1218029

Northwestern Region - Contracts Available:

Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers (PEPPM) - California

PEPPM 2023 CA: 535122-120

PEPPM 2023 PA: 533902-102

North Central Region - Contracts Available:

State Of Utah / Sourcewell PA: Contract #: AR3628

South Central Region – Contracts Available:

State of TX Dept of Info Resources (TX DIR)

Mitel TX DIR DIR-TSO-4355

State Of Louisiana: Contract #: 4400022354

State of New Mexico: Contract #: 70-361-17-02013AD

Northeastern Region - Contracts Available:

State of New York Office of General Services (NY OGS)

Mitel NYOGS PM21140

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