Mitel expects each of its customers to follow these Rules. Violation of these Rules by any customer may result in suspension or termination of such customer's account with Mitel without refund. If any person is aware that any Mitel customer is violating these Rules, Mitel requests that such person report the violation by calling Mitel at (877) 654-3573 or by emailing Mitel at [email protected]

Rules of Use

Mitel customers are prohibited from using Mitel's services, system or network, any system or network of any other person that is accessed by means of Mitel's services, system or network or any system or network of any other Mitel customer, to access the Internet in order to use the Internet in any of the following manners, for any of the following purposes or to take any of the following actions:

1. in any manner that encumbers system or network resources to the point that usage causes interference with other customers' normal use of services, either on Mitel's system or network or any remote system or network;

2. use of auto dialers or use of the Service in a manner that can be interpreted as abusive or fraudulent;

3. to make or attempt to make any unauthorized intrusion or entry into any part of, to violate or attempt to violate the security or integrity of, or to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper operation of, Mitel's system or network or any system or network of any other person (including, without limitation. any other customer of Mitel);

4. to harass anyone in any way;

5. for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material;

6. in any manner or for any purpose that violates any Federal, state, local or foreign law, regulation or ordinance;

7. in any manner that may infringe upon any copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property right of any person (including, without limitation, any other customer of Mitel);

8. in any manner that may violate any privacy, publicity or other personal rights of any person (including, without limitation, any other customer of Mitel);

9. to transmit any information that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, libelous, hateful or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

10. to impersonate any person (including, without limitation, any other customer of Mitel) or to misrepresent an affiliation with any person (including, without limitation, any other customer of Mitel);

11. to transmit any information that Customer does not have a right to transmit, whether because of a contractual obligation (such as a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement) or otherwise;

12. to transmit, send, place or post unsolicited telephone calls, texts or other information to posting individuals or entities;

13. to send unsolicited advertising, promotional materials;

14. to access any server, account or data that you are not authorized to access;

15. to transmit anything that contains corrupted data or that contains a virus, Trojan horse, worm, time bomb or cancelbot, or any other computer programming routine or engine that is intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or information;

16. to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any elements or Mitel's system or network or of any system or network of any other person (including, without limitation. any other customer of Mitel), or to attempt to do so; or

17. to use or transmit information or materials without all applicable copyright, trademark, service mark, patent or other proprietary authorization, indicia and notices.

Electronic Recordings

Customer acknowledges and understands that there are federal and state statutes governing the electronic recording of telephone conversations and that Mitel will not be liable for any illegal use of the service. Because Customer circumstances vary widely, Customers should carefully review their own circumstances when deciding whether to use the recording features of the service and it is the Customer's responsibility to determine if the electronic recordings are legal under applicable federal and state laws. Mitel is not responsible for any misinterpretation, lack of understanding or lack of knowledge regarding the use of electronic recordings or the use of its products by the Customer, whether legal or illegal, and Customer will indemnify and hold Mitel harmless for any claims, damages, fines, or penalties arising out of Customer's failure to adhere to applicable electronic recording laws.

Responsibility for Registration Information and Content of Customer Communications.

Customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Customer's Login, and will not to transfer Login, email address or password, or lend or otherwise transfer use of or access to the Mitel Services, to any third party. Customer is solely responsible for any and all activities that occur under Customer's account. Customer will comply with applicable foreign, federal, state, and local law in its use of the Services, including but not limited to laws regarding privacy, online behavior, acceptable content, and the transmission of equipment and information under applicable export laws. Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, Customer also agrees to comply with applicable local rules or codes of conduct (including, if applicable, codes of conduct or policies imposed by employers) regarding online behavior and acceptable content. Use of the Services is void where prohibited. Customer will immediately notify Mitel of any unauthorized use of Customer's account or any other breach of security related to Customer's account or the Mitel Services, and to ensure that Customer completes a "log off"/exit from Customer's account (if applicable) at the end of each session. Mitel is not liable for any loss or damage arising from Customer failure to comply with any of the foregoing obligations. In consideration for using the Mitel Services, Customer will: (1) provide certain current, complete, and accurate information about Customer when prompted to do so by the Mitel Services, and (2) maintain and update this information as required to keep it current, complete and accurate. Customer warrants that any such information will be accurate. Customer agrees that Customer is solely responsible for the content of all visual, written or audible communications ("Content") sent by Customer or displayed or uploaded by Customer in using the Services. Although Mitel is not responsible for any such communications, Mitel may delete any such communications of which Mitel becomes aware, at any time without notice to Customer. Customer retains copyright and any other rights already held in content that Customer submits, posts or displays on or through, the Services. Customer understands and agrees that by displaying, exchanging or uploading Content to a Mitel website, transmitting Content using the Services or otherwise providing Content to Mitel, Customer automatically grant (and warrant and represent Customer has a right to grant) to Mitel a world-wide, royalty-free, sub-licensable (so Mitel affiliates, contractors, resellers and partners can deliver the Services) perpetual, irrevocable license to use, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce and distribute the Content in the course of offering the Services, including associates websites ("Sites").

Responsibility for Content of Others.

Customer acknowledges that agents or other users of the Services ("Users") may violate one or more of the above prohibitions, but Mitel assumes no responsibility or liability for such violation. If Customer becomes aware of misuse of the Services by any person, please contact Mitel Customer Support at (877) 654-3573. Mitel may investigate any complaints and violations that come to its attention and may take any action that it believes is appropriate, including, but not limited to issuing warnings, removing the content or terminating accounts and/or user or agent profiles and/or Login. However, because situations and interpretations vary, Mitel also reserves the right not to take any action. Under no circumstances will Mitel be liable in any way for any data or other content available on a Site, viewed or actions taken while using the Services, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any such data, content or activity or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of, access to, or denial of access to any data, content or activities incurred from the actions taken on a Site. Mitel does not endorse and has no control over what users or agents post, submit to or do on a Site. Customer acknowledges that Mitel cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information submitted by any agent or user of a Site, nor any identity information about any agent or user. Mitel reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject, posting or other data, or to restrict, suspend, or terminate any user's or agent's access to all or any part of Services or any Site at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability. Mitel reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action against anyone who, in Mitel's sole discretion, is suspected of violating these Rules of Use.

Responsibility for Toll Fraud

Customer agrees to notify Mitel promptly if it becomes aware of any fraudulent or unauthorized use of its account, Service, or Equipment. Mitel shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from fraudulent or unauthorized use of Customer’s account and the payment of all charges to Customer’s account shall be and remain the responsibility of Customer.

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