Mitel Software Assurance

Don’t leave your communication network vulnerable… Protect and Enhance the Long-Term Value of Your Mitel Solution 

Keeping your business current and prepared for the latest technology is the ideal way to invest in your digital evolution. Mitel Software Assurance provides you with the best, most up-to-date system capabilities and keeps you in control each step of the way.

Your organization will benefit from: software concurrency, ongoing standards compliance, security fixes, access to online training, and proactive performance monitoring of your Mitel systems, so that any potential situation can be controlled in advance, rather than responding to it after it has happened.

Software Assurance. The Experts Talk.

Reputed consultants in the Unified Communications Industry share with us their view of the value of software assurance and first-hand experiences of customers who were able to overcome challenging situations, from floods to ransomware attacks, along with some cases of organizations who were not prepared for the adversity. Don’t miss it!


The Value of Software Assurance & Support Contracts for Unified Communications

Real Cases of How Software Assurance & Support Contracts for Unified Communications Make a Difference

Mitel Software Assurance can help your business succeed

Just like your business, communications technologies are evolving all the time to enable even more value and integrate more tightly with business tools your employees utilize every day. If you have ever questioned the need for Software Assurance or doubted the value it offers, consider the impact not having up to date coverage could have on your business.  


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Mitel Software Assurance – Standard and Premium

There are two different levels of support and service for you to choose from:
Standard Software Assurance

A base subscription that includes 8x5 access to technical support as well as software patch updates, hot fixes, and entitlement to major software releases.

Premium Software Assurance

Includes all the benefits included in the Standard subscription plus 24x7 technical support, access to online training, and to Mitel Performance Analytics a software tool helping to proactively monitor and analyze your Mitel system in order to maintain optimal performance. 

Mitel Software Assurance Level Comparison
Features and Entitlements Standard Level Premium Level
Entitlement to new major software releases, including new functionality as provided
Entitlement to hot fixes and service packs
Technical Support services
  • Case management, technical inquiry
  • Service Level Objective for issue resolution on supported software releases
  • Access for partner certified technicians
  • Telephony and web ticket service, knowledge base access

(8 x 5)

(24 x 7)
Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA)
  • Fault reporting
  • Performance monitoring, voice quality and traffic
  • Server metrics
  • Hardware, software and license inventory
  • Report generation–on demand or automated
End customer online training
  • Access to Mitel University Administration and User courseware

Is this product right for you?

Mitel Performance Analytics, included with Premium Software Assurance

Any problem or disruption in your network or communications infrastructure can have a dramatic or catastrophic effect on your business and revenue stream. You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company to lose millions due to an unexpected outage or downtime.

Mitel Premium Software Assurance includes Mitel Performance Analytics, a fault and performance management solution that monitors and manages your entire network. The result is faster problem resolution and optimal network performance. Mitel Performance Analytics can monitor your network in real time, prevent problems before they occur and let you troubleshoot problems quickly. IT administrators say that the investment in network monitoring begins to pay off immediately. They begin to proactively see issues that were previously only reported by users calling in.

Always update your software

Mitel Software Assurance enables you to keep your software up-to-date by sending you new releases and patches as soon as they are available.

Many malicious cyberattacks exploit security flaws in an operating system or application software. To prevent this from happening, software developers release updates to patch any vulnerability to ensure their applications are secure. Having outdated software can also put a business in violation of regulatory and compliance regulations which could result in fines and additional costs.

For every business, it’s crucial to update your software whenever a new patch is released. Delaying updates can extend the window of opportunity for a potential attack. Always take the time to install any patch or update as soon as you get a notification or better still enable automatic updates whenever possible.

Mitel Software Assurance – Renew Today!

Does your Mitel Software Assurance subscription need to be renewed? Contact your Mitel Partner today. And be sure to ask about Premium Software Assurance, that includes our proactive performance monitoring service, with real-time alerting to identify voice and network quality concerns before business affecting outages arise. You will wonder how you did without it.

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