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Kim Roper
Hi, I’m Kim Roper and I’m a Customer Experience Sales Engineer. So this is where you can provide the customer to contact you in any media type so being a voice, email, chat, text, etc. and create workflows. Notify your customers that these options are available to them, it can be on a website. Did you know you can chat to an agent get quicker customer service? Did you know you can call in and check your order status via through the phone through an IVR or it could be just online. So providing these different options actually opens up many doors. And I always say to a customer first too is always, maybe take the time and reference or survey your customers to see what kind of meeting sites they're looking for.

I've been in many situations and many customer meetings where the CEO is bound and determined has to be voice has to be voice. But when you turn around and ask that CEO, when he calls for customer service or if he's looking for that new fridge or that new iPhone etc. Does he actually pick up the phone and call the vendor, and he says, absolutely not. You'd rather do a chat or a text. He never wants to talk to a live body. So when you turn it around and say but you expect your customers to have only one media choice to contact you, it’s kind of an eye opener. So bringing in these different media channels, bringing in these workflows, being able to check order status online. What is my student loan application. Where does that stand, etc etc. So all of these can be handled through self-service, and through all different media types.

It's all back to the workflows right we want to make it very simple for your agents, not only simple for your customers to contact you, but make it simple for your agents to service your customers. So can we do a simple screen pop, can they know who that customer is on first an email, a chat, a text, a voice call. Can we take a 14-step process and turn it into a two-step process? Have one user interface or maybe just two user interfaces for that agent to handle the different queries from the customers. For example, we actually have an SMS feature and functionality, with a University. And the counselors use SMS, they text students want to know how things are going. They can set up appointments, reschedule appointments, all using the SMS feature and being able to pivot from the media types. For example we have one retail customer in the Minnesota area that they actually had technicians there solve rate for issues were two hours to three days. So they deployed a really good workflow, with a simple chat or even a voice call that the technician on site would call and speak to the professional on site, they would actually do a chat or voice, pivot to a video because everybody has video on their cell phones, and was able to then walk through and physically see when that technician was working on and reduce their solve in half, cut it in half.

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