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Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise

Keeping people connected and productive while making communication a whole lot easier —anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Mitel MiCollab combines collaboration, mobility, and messaging into a single solution that empowers people to collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are, how they work and what device they use.

Simplicity for Users and Simplicity for IT

Effective collaboration among employees, partners and customers is a critical driver of any organization’s success. It’s only by building productive relationships that information and ideas get shared, better products get to market faster, suppliers and partners work seamlessly together to achieve shared goals, and lasting and profitable relationships are built with customers.

However, in today’s fast-paced global marketplace, with rapidly evolving manners of working, ensuring that kind of collaboration can be more challenging than ever.

To simplify this for you, Mitel offers a single, comprehensive collaboration solution: Mitel MiCollab.

As a component of Mitel’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution, MiCollab makes it easy for employees to manage all aspects of their day-to-day interactions, no matter where they are or how they choose to be productive - for it provides people with all the communication tools they need, when they need it.

By integrating collaboration, mobility, and messaging tools into a single, unified solution with a highly intuitive interface, people spend less time trying to connect and more time engaged in productive and innovative interactions.

For organizations large and small, MiCollab delivers the kind of cost-effective UCC capabilities needed to assist with increasing business productivity, building a competitive advantage, and driving business success.

Featured Products and Solutions for Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise

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