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Hosted PBX Phone Systems for Small Businesses & Offices

No better time to consider an IP phone system for your small business

Modern business continues growing more competitive. Decisions must be made quickly but never in haste. Efficiency and communication are everything—especially if you’re a small business.

Lithe and agile, you prefer agile vendors to a higher head count. You’re built for speed – able to recognize, assess and pivot quickly – to pull the trigger before your larger competitors know what hit them.

This is the advantage of less. Less overhead, less hierarchy, less administration. It’s not about being bigger, but working smarter. Flex, communicate, scale on demand. Isn’t it time you had a phone system that could do the same?



As a small business, your strength lies in your efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility. Maximize your unique abilities with a powerful, affordable and scalable IP phone system from Mitel. Also known as hosted PBX or small business hosted VoIP, our innovative cloud platform allows you to communicate easier and collaborate smarter.

  • Instantly scale your communication capabilities up or down without touching your infrastructure; add additional lines and extensions without adding cost.
  • Support voice-, video- and web-based collaboration among staff, customers, vendors and partners—no matter where they are or what type of IP device they’re using.
  • Minimize abandoned calls, voice messages and customer frustration with a system that intuitively knows where every employee is and how to reach them.

It’s easy with IP phone systems like MiCloud Connect. Get the advanced communications and collaboration capabilities of the largest on-site PBX systems, while eliminating the cost and hassle of an on-site PBX and dedicated phone network.

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A cloud phone system for small business is deployed on high-speed remote servers, managed by a third-party provider and accessed through your existing internet connection. Analog voice signals are digitized, enabling them to run on today’s gigabit-speed IP networks.

Instead of paying to purchase and manage an on-site PBX, extension lines and separate network, you simply pay a fixed monthly cost for the cloud-based service. Because there are no tariffs and taxes on internet traffic, you can reduce your local and international calling costs as well.

The overall savings with hosted VoIP for small business is impressive. But the real benefit is how it empowers your people.


cloud pbx phone systems for small business




MiCloud Connect takes hosted VoIP to a new level. It’s a seamless communications platform that works with any iOS or Android™ or device and integrates with a myriad of business apps and CRM tools. Your employees can work how they want, where they want and from wherever they are.

  • Born in the cloud with no adaptation required, so you can be up and running in weeks, not months
  • Packed with collaboration tools, presence capabilities and advanced features that make it ideal for today’s decentralized mobile-centric workplace
  • Built on Google Cloud for bulletproof reliability and a highly secure data environment




The business climate is shifting and the changes play to the strengths of small business. Agility, efficiency and collaboration. We can help you capitalizeWith hosted VoIP solutions like MiCloud Connect, you can boost staff productivity and efficiency, bring your supply chain partners closer and drive more cost savings through the business.

At Mitel, we do it every day for more than 60 million end-users in over 100 countries. As the world’s fastest growing provider of hosted VoIP services, we can do it for you.


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