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What Happened to MiCloud Connect? Has Mitel Stopped Selling MiCloud Connect?

Effective June 30, 2022, there will be no new contracts or customers accepted onto the MiCloud Connect Platform, including MiCloud Connect Contact Center (aka Enterprise Contact Center or “ECC”) systems. MiCloud Connect will however continue to work for all customers with existing contracts.

Why will Mitel stop selling MiCloud Connect?


On November 9, 2021, Mitel announced a strategic partnership with RingCentral in which RingCentral is now Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner, bringing business communications to the next level.

This exciting partnership enables existing Mitel Cloud customers a seamless path to RingCentral's award-winning Message Video Phone (MVP) UCaaS services, ranked as the market leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and Mitel Partners the opportunity to partner with RingCentral.


What should I do next? What are the best alternatives and replacements to MiCloud Connect?


The best alternative/replacement to MiCloud Connect is RingCentral MVP.

RingCentral MVP customers get access to features like:

Will Mitel continue to support MiCloud Connect?


Mitel will continue to support existing customers and partners on the MiCloud Connect service leveraging the existing support processes. Technical and support documentation will continue to be available through OneView.

Existing customers and partners will continue to have the ability to manage their MiCloud Connect accounts, including adding or changing their services, using self-service tools or engaging Mitel support teams. Customers or partners adding locations will continue to be able to do this through the Mitel Support organizations.

There's more detail about support in the additional customer FAQ below. 


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    Take advantage of our new partnership with RingCentralTM and receive expanded functionality and capabilities with RingCentral MVPSM, the #1 UCaaS Platform. Current Mitel customers will receive  : 

    • Up to 3 Months Free of MVP® *
    • Waived Early Termination Fees** (ETF) 
    • Special Competitive Pricing 
    • MVP® Compatible Device *


  • We will continue to evolve our core UC product portfolio as we have been. Mitel has developed / is developing Subscription OpEx offers for MiVoice Business, MiVoice MX-ONE, MiVoice 5000, and MiVoice Office 400. Mitel will continue to offer Private Cloud options for our partners and customers through MiVoice Business Subscription including leveraging Mitel managed data centers through existing MiCloud Flex Wholesale partners where available. In addition to that, our customers and partners will have access to RingCentral UCaaS solutions (e.g., MVP Product offerings).

  • No. RingCentral’s core MVP solution will become Mitel’s sole UCaaS offering.

  • RingCentral is now the exclusive provider of UCaaS solutions for Mitel customers. Any new customers interested in UCaaS will be referred to RingCentral. Mitel will continue to support existing MiCloud Connect customers and services for the foreseeable future but will be actively working to migrate existing MiCloud Connect customers to RingCentral’s MVP solution. Mitel will stop active development of new features on MiCloud Connect but will maintain a substantial commitment and effort to sustain and operate MiCloud Connect as well as the other legacy cloud offers we have.

  • Effective June 30, 2022, there will be no new contracts or customers accepted onto the MiCloud Connect Contact Center (aka Enterprise Contact Center or “ECC”) systems. Existing MiCloud Connect Contact Center customers will continue to receive support and software updates throughout the life their contract. RingCentral also has CCaaS offers as part of their portfolio, that will be available to all current and future customers. Mitel continues to evolve our MiContact Center Business offering with new innovations coming out every quarter which our MiCloud Connect customers can choose to migrate to if they’re looking for a single instance private/public cloud solution,. For MiCloud Connect customers who want pure UCaaS/CCaaS solutions, we suggest migrating to the RingCentral MVP platform and Contact Center.

  • Yes, this announcement includes MiCloud Connect Hybrid offerings that were available to MiVoice Connect deployments.

  • Mitel will continue to develop and sell our core applications such as MiCollab, MiContact Center Business and Enterprise, InAttend, etc.

  • Mitel will continue to produce, develop and evolve the Mitel device portfolio. Through CloudLink, we will look to evolve the Mitel migration offering so that Mitel phones can have compatibility with RingCentral’s solution. We are evaluating options for future device adoption for RingCentral and addition to their portfolio of devices as part of this agreed partnership.

  • RingCentral is rated the #1 UCaaS provider by Gartner, and has many strong aspects including wider global footprint, more integrations out of the box, that will benefit both existing cloud customers and on-premises customers, if and when they are ready to migrate to UCaaS.

  • We have been communicating directly with our existing Mitel UCaaS customers on all solutions, MiCloud Connect, Sky, Flex Retail, MiCloud Business and MiCloud Office to make them aware of the agreement. We have shared that these platforms/solutions will continue as normal and that we will be working with each customer in the coming months/years toward a successful migration to RingCentral UCaaS. This will be managed proactively and with appropriate collaboration between Mitel, our customers, and of course RingCentral, to create as seamless transition as possible

  • Mitel on-premises customers who are looking to transition to UCaaS can immediately consider RingCentral MVP as their UCaaS solution.

  • We will continue to meet customers on their journey to modernize their UC solutions and for those that are looking to transition to UCaaS we will work with them to introduce RingCentral through a smooth and customer-friendly referral process.

  • For the Mitel US Direct customers in the transformation program to Get Current, Do More, Modernize, this activity will continue but the UCaaS strategy for MiCloud Connect will be replaced with RingCentral MVP and follow the same process as for any other lead handoffs. The OTM partners in place have RingCentral in their UCaaS portfolios, so the change of platform will be seamless from that perspective. For customers on older platforms that do not wish to move to UCaaS, subscription, Flex and on-premises where these options are available through select partners.

  • Mitel will support and provide service to existing MiCloud Connect customers through to the end of their Term of Service. We will proactively work to migrate customers to RingCentral through a collaborative approach in time for their Service Renewal date or before.

  • Mitel will continue to support our cloud platforms and solutions. We will work directly with our cloud customers over time toward a successful migration to RingCentral UCaaS. This will be managed proactively and with appropriate collaboration between Mitel, our customers, and of course RingCentral, to create as seamless transition as possible.

  • These applications will continue to be available as part of the MiCloud Connect service and supported by Mitel.

  • MiCloud Connect will remain operational for the foreseeable future (timelines to be confirmed). Within this timeframe, Mitel will remain committed to its customers, providing the best in service and support while continuing our investments globally in UC&C, Hybrid Cloud, and on-site contact center solutions.

  • RingCentral has more integrations than Mitel (over 275 pre-built integrations), as well as a more mature open API set with over 500 APIs, which allows for seamless business application integrations, custom builds, and workflows.

  • Yes, as with any new application, there will be some training involved, however, the RingCentral user interface is highly intuitive, requiring minimal end user training.

  • Mitel will continue supporting these cloud platforms for current customers, including security, platform maintenance, and regulatory activities to ensure system compliance. This will include tiered customer support operations for the foreseeable future. Attractive incentives will be available for customers looking to migrate to RingCentral.

  • No, there will be no automatic migrations. Customers will have the choice to decide to remain on their existing platform for the foreseeable future. Mitel and RingCentral will provide attractive migration incentive programs, to assist customers in their migration journey.

  • RingCentral is rated #1 UCaaS provider by Gartner, and has many strong aspects including wider global footprint, more integrations out of the box, etc. that existing cloud customers will find beneficial, as well as prem customers if and when they are ready to migrate to UCaaS.

  • Mitel will actively work with existing customers looking to migrate their existing service to RingCentral MVP. Mitel and RingCentral have provided our customers with attractive incentives and a smooth transition experience to ensure minimal downtime.

  • Migration of current phones is dependent on the timing of the deployment and which phones you currently have. Currently the Mitel 6900 and IP400* Series are certified to work with RingCentral.

    * Dependent on phone model and region.

  • As a RingCentral customer, you will need to contact RingCentral for customer or technical support. Details on how to contact RingCentral support will be provided to customers as part of the migration process.

  • Part of what makes RingCentral such a solid business phone solution is its reliability. It boasts a 99.999% uptime, the highest possible for cloud-hosted phone systems. This means the service is down for just a few minutes each year. RingCentral has numerous data centers worldwide.

  • RingCentral has attractive service packages that will meet the diverse needs of your customers. Organizations will need to choose a single package for all users.

  • Yes, RingCentral also provides regular automatic updates.

  • Yes, however, non-specific / non-standard contract terms will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • Yes, this is a close partnership that includes providing professional services for RingCentral’s Contact Center and Application Integrations, as well as for product and solution transitions. We are working closely with our counterparts in RingCentral to provide technology training and to put into place a mechanism to provide Professional Services as collaborative technology partners.

  • RingCentral owns the activations of all MVP clients and will move the migrated customers onto their MVP platform when they are ready.

  • RingCentral will become the exclusive provider of UCaaS solutions for Mitel customers, but Mitel will continue to support existing MiCloud Connect, Sky and other UCaaS customers and services for the foreseeable future, as we work to migrate them to RingCentral’s MVP solution.


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