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What Is A Cloud-Based Solution?

A cloud-based solution provides a service by leveraging the power of the cloud and cloud-based infrastructure to meet business needs, often with greater operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. More simply, businesses can access storage, applications, services, and other business tools through the internet instead of needing to purchase and manage all of the necessary business functions in-house.

When your business uses cloud-based solutions, you no longer have to invest heavily in infrastructure because all of the necessary components are run via the cloud.


Features & Capabilities


Typically, the capabilities of a cloud-based solution are limited only by the provider offering the solution. For example, if a cloud-based storage provider only had 10 GB of storage on the cloud, that capacity limits the amount of storage the provider can offer to its customers.

While there are many types of cloud-based solutions with many types of capabilities, the nature of cloud-based offerings gives them a few common features:



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On-Demand Services


Cloud-based solutions are usually categorized into the type of service being offered to customers. Thanks to enhanced technology and improved network efficiency, your company can now benefit from a variety of cloud-based solutions, including:


In some cases, cloud-based service providers may offer solutions with multiple services tied together. A cloud-based phone solution, for example, may provide IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. As a customer, you could benefit from voicemail systems and customer management system (SaaS) that are integrated together through a connected platform (PaaS) that operates on a cloud-based framework (IaaS).




Since many of the required resources to run a cloud-based solution are held in the cloud, these solutions require little, if any, local storage or capacity from your organization. When a cloud-based solution requires a variable amount of data storage, you can often select how much data your organization needs. For example, if you choose a cloud-based VoIP phone solution, you will likely need storage for internal company notes and customer history data. Your provider will offer service packages that include data storage in increments, potentially up to unlimited data storage.





While good customer support is a valuable part of any cloud-based solution, you will likely need the ability to make some changes to settings or user accounts on your own without contacting your provider each time. Quality cloud-based solutions will provide not only the solution itself, but also an effective and efficient way to self-manage your solution through a web application.

For many businesses, the variety of services offered through cloud-based formats combined with the flexibility, scalability, ease-of-maintenance, and other benefits make cloud-based solutions a logical choice to meet changing business needs.
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