What Is Active Call Distribution?


Active Call Distribution (ACD) enables a call center system to route calls to the right people at the right time. Before active call distribution, an individual would have to manually choose which agent would be best for each call. To save time and resources, you can program an ACD system to make those decisions for you.


How Does Active Call Distribution Work?


Active call distribution is powered by software that can see all the available agents as well as critical data about each caller. The system can take the information gathered from each caller, such as the product they have or the type of question, and choose the right agent for the job. The system is “active” in that it constantly monitors several factors and decides how to route calls accordingly. An ACD system can observe call volume, average wait times, agent availability, and other information and then choose the best representative for the caller’s needs.


Benefits of Active Call Distribution


With active call distribution, an organization’s call-handling is easier on the company and more effective for customers. Some of the top benefits include: Fewer resources are invested in making sure customers speak to the right agents. Callers spend less time waiting on the phone. The system can address each caller’s specific needs. An organization can collect and analyze data regarding the frequency of calls and how quickly they get answered.


Types of Companies That Should Use Active Call Distribution


Active call distribution can be an asset for virtually any company that has to handle high call volume. This includes any company with customer service representatives that handle incoming calls, large retailers with different departments, businesses with several members on their sales team and others. Active call distribution helps improve both the customer experience and that of an organization’s representatives. Customers get their calls handled correctly, and agents can receive the right calls at the right time.

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