What Is Call Logging?


Call logging is the process of logging data on calls to review at a later stage or in real-time. The collection of specific data allows centers the ability to analyze and refer to details, such as call origin, call destination, and the length of the call. Code Blue and Emergency Call logs are usually automated and are used to record and collect details of emergency calls.


A Code Blue situation is a hospital emergency in which a patient is experiencing cardiac or respiratory arrest, and requires immediate care and resuscitative treatment. These types of calls are specific to hospitals, but are very similar in function to other types of emergency calls.


Uses for Code Blue & Emergency Call Logs


Organizations in the healthcare industry, hospitals included, can make use of code blue call logs when immediate resuscitation treatment is needed. Emergency service agencies, medical facilities, Public Safety Answering Points and hospitals will also use emergency call logs for general crisis situations. During a disaster, reported zones of care would be monitored and logged for preemptive arrival and treatment. Emergency response services can be dispatched based on call log data.


Benefits of Code Blue & Emergency Call Logs


Call logs provide clarity for details not thoroughly communicated. In an emergency or code blue situation, a caller will often be panicked and unclear in giving information. Recorded data, such as call origin, is communicated to response services, allowing immediate dispatch. The ability to refer to a past call provides a valuable reference for performance management. The center or hospital will be able to look at response times and interactions. Call logs for emergency situations can be sent to the closest hospital and response team to provide them with vital information. This information prepares the response group to arrive knowledgeable of the case.


Advanced Emergency Call Log Features


Advanced emergency call log features can include:

Call tracking software: This captures the number of the caller and their geographical location. In the United States, HIPAA certification protects patient medical information that may be shared during an emergency call.

Cloud-based call history logging: This allows your business to view past, outbound, and missed calls.

Call log analytics: Analytics can assist in gathering statistics of when emergency calls are more frequent, i.e., during holiday seasons or various weather patterns. These analytics prepare emergency response teams for busier seasons relating to emergencies


Life-threatening situations require immediate action. Code blue and emergency call logs assist in saving the lives of many people. Dispatchers can gain valuable information from callers, without wasting precious time asking for details that call logs can capture for them.

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