What is file sharing?


File sharing is a productivity tool that allows select users to share files with one another remotely. Files can be shared with just one or two individuals or entire organizations. File sharing also works with nearly any file type, so users can exchange text documents, images, audio and video files, PowerPoint slides and more.


Advantages of File Sharing


File sharing increases productivity among work teams, especially those working remotely. Rather than wasting time emailing files back and forth, team members can access the shared file location and get the most up-to-date version of any needed files. Since most file sharing systems operate through the cloud, file backups and system administration become more cost-effective and easier to maintain. Accessing files from the shared drive also helps reduce costs by eliminating mistakes that can occur when users inadvertently make work decisions based on inaccurate information from outdated files.


How File Sharing Works


The most common method of file sharing is through the use of a cloud-based server. Depending on the purpose of the shared files, access permissions can be granted for the entire server, only certain folders within the server, or at the individual file level. These permissions can also be adapted so that different users have different permissions. Once a user has access to the shared drive (or a subset of the drive), they can then upload work files to the cloud. Anyone who has previously been granted access to the file’s location will automatically have access to the file, but the owner or creator of the file can also grant shared access on an individual basis.


Who Benefits from File Sharing?


Work teams, especially those that operate remotely, can greatly benefit from the added flexibility and simplicity of file sharing.

IT teams in particular benefit from file sharing since a shared drive can reduce the overall number of files within a corporate system, reducing the storage requirements on the network.

Management teams can also benefit, since their direct reports can work more independently and access needed information more quickly, which ultimately makes for a smoother workflow and a more productive organization.

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