What Is Local Number Portability?


Since the deregulation of the telecommunication industry, many new providers have emerged, giving users many different options to choose from for their service providers. However, switching to a new provider oftentimes would require getting a new phone number. Local number portability (LNP, or number porting) simplifies the process by making it easy to use any communications service provider and retain the same phone number.


How Does Local Number Portability Work?


LNP is enabled by the use of the Location Routing Number (LRN), a unique 10-digit telephone number assigned to each switch. It supports call routing through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). To port a number, the new service provider will inform your existing provider and the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) about the port request. Upon activation in the NPAC, the new number will be broadcast to the telecommunication industry.


Types of Companies That Benefit From Local Number Portability


Companies that need access to the latest telecommunication technologies and/or flexible pricing plans to meet fast-changing requirements can benefit most from LNP because they can change providers with minimal disruptions to their operations. Organizations that relocate or open new offices regularly, as well as those that have a national presence or a mobile workforce (or both) can also benefit from the geographic flexibility offered by local number portability.


Advantages of Local Number Portability


With LNP, you can easily switch to a communication service provider that meets your business's changing needs while keeping your existing phone number. You don't have to worry about updating your information on any business registration or marketing material, a process that's time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone. LNP also encourages competition and technology innovation among service providers, which gives you more choices while lowering your expenses. When you work with a reputable telecommunication provider, it can support you during the number porting process to ensure a smooth transition.

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