What Is A Mobile App?


Mobile apps are software applications that run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They're generally small programming units with a highly specific set of functionalities. A telecommunications mobile app allows you to turn a mobile device into a "softphone" so you can access voice calls and unified communications features such as video conferencing and messaging via VoIP and cellular service.


Benefits & Advantages Mobile Apps


Mobile apps are fast and nimble software programs. They offer a high level of personalization so you can customize the functions to meet your needs.   You can leverage various features on your mobile device—like location services and the camera—to enhance the user experience and get push notifications on real-time updates to stay current.


Types of Companies That Can Use A Mobile App


Mobile apps allow teams to communicate and collaborate from anywhere to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Mobile apps can help businesses with employees that are always "on the go, such as sales teams or field agents, to keep everyone in the loop while remaining cost-effective. They're also essential for companies that need to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among workers in distributed teams with unified communications capabilities.


Advanced Mobile App Features


Here are some advanced features to look for in a telecommunications mobile app:

  • The ability to make enterprise VoIP calls over enterprise Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, or cellular data network and seamlessly switch among them without dropping the calls.
  • Access to searchable directories of internal and external contacts.
  • The ability to set presence status and turn on or off call or message notifications based on your availability.
  • Call-routing features with advanced call controls, including switching, transferring, and parking calls.
  • Real-time messaging and file-sharing capabilities.
  • A mobile app with robust features can help improve team collaboration, client communications, and productivity for businesses of any size.
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