What Is Mobile Twinning?


Mobile twinning is a business phone feature that allows a user to link a cell phone number to their business desk extension. Once a cell phone and desk phone are twinned, any call to the user’s desk extension will automatically ring on both devices. Mobile twinning technology resolves one of the more persistent problems of the modern office environment: the need to juggle multiple communication devices. Adding this feature to your communication strategy helps your employees on the go stay on top of those all-important inbound phone calls.


How Does Mobile Twinning Work?


First, you’ll require a mobile twinning enabled phone system to manage your PBX. Once installed, any of your team members can follow simple prompts to link their desk extension to a cell number. Beyond the core feature of sending the phone call to two devices, you can also configure this feature to send missed calls back to office mail, or to forward through to another team member. To all practical effects, your team’s cell phones become part of your on-premises PBX network.


Advantages of Mobile Twinning


Mobile twinning can be a game-changer for simplifying your phone-based communications. Most businesses can expect the following advantages:

  • Keeping it simple for your customers and clients: With twinned phones, your team gains the luxury of being able to give out one phone number, and those wishing to speak with them no longer have to guess at how best to reach them.
  • A consistent business face to outside callers: Missed calls can be pushed back to an office administrator or your business voicemail system. This maintains communication consistency and ensures your clients and customers don’t reach any of your team’s personal voicemails.
  • Mobile or remote workers are more integrated: With mobile twinning, transitioning from out-of-office meetings back to the desk environment becomes more straightforward.


Who Can Benefit From Mobile Twinning?


Any business with staff who rely on both a cell phone and an office phone can benefit from mobile twinning. It’s a particularly powerful feature if you have a mobile sales team or have staff who regularly travel.

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