What Is Outbound Dialing?


Outbound dialing refers broadly to the process of using a telephone to dial out to an external telephone line. While outbound dialing can be performed manually on any home or business telephone, a range of additional services can enhance outbound calling in a business setting. These include automated outbound dialing, in which a third party call center executes a marketing or awareness-raising campaign on your behalf; and automated outbound calling solutions, where a company automatically dials customer or client numbers, typically with a pre-recorded message.

Call center and automated outbound dialing solutions can help you significantly scale up your phone-based contact with a given target audience without the need to invest in additional in-house staff.


Who Can Use Outbound Dialing?


Any business that needs to communicate regularly and en masse with a large customer or client base can benefit from call center and automated outbound dialing solutions. If you can define an outbound call strategy and link it to a marketing goal or key performance indicator, then outbound dialing is likely to be a powerful tool you can use to help realize those goals.


Advantages of Outbound Dialing


Using an outbound dialing solution helps you grow sales, prospects, or leads without the significant ongoing outlay of an in-house solution. You gain two connected benefits:

  • Increased revenue, controlled costs: A call center or automated outbound solution means you gain access to all the technological infrastructure and human resources you need to conduct a large-scale campaign, with none of the steep initial investment.
  • Precise messaging with minimal supervision: A quality call center solution builds strict messaging controls and monitoring into the third-party outbound campaign process. The advantage, therefore, being peace of mind.


Use Cases for Outbound Dialing


Here are a few potential use cases for outbound dialing:

  • A technology manufacturer might use an outbound call center to inform a select list of customers about the launch of a new product.
  • A charity organization could run an automated outbound awareness-raising campaign to build support for an upcoming donation drive.
  • A health facility might use an outbound call center combined with a pre-recorded public service announcement to deliver vital health control information in the event of an epidemic.


With the right outbound dialing service, you can contact more people with fewer resources.

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