What Is Presence Monitoring?


Presence monitoring allows users to see the status of other lines or extensions in a business phone system. It shows which employees are on an active call and which lines are busy or idle. Activity is typically indicated by a phone's lamp fields, which light up when a line is in use. Presence monitoring is also available on a unified communications platform's dashboard.


Who Should Use Presence Monitoring?


Presence monitoring allows supervisors to easily see which team members are available. It's particularly valuable for companies with many employees that work out of the office, whether they're traveling to client sites or telecommuting. It also allows sales and customer service managers to keep track of their team members and distribute workload appropriately.


Benefits & Advantages of Presence Monitoring


Presence monitoring facilitates communication and collaboration by showing which team members are available in real-time. It allows distributed teams to work efficiently while allowing managers to keep track of their activities. The data collected by presence monitoring on employees’ work hours and activities help project leads and supervisors analyze resource allocation, optimize cost-efficiency, and improve productivity.

In addition, call center supervisors can use the technology to facilitate call queueing and match queries with the appropriate agents so they can improve internal processes and deliver better customer service.


Types of Companies That Can Benefit from Presence Monitoring


Many types of businesses can take advantage of presence monitoring, including those that:

  • Have a large number of employees working off-site, such as sales organizations.
  • Need to monitor distributed teams from a centralized location to coordinate workload.
  • Aim to minimize wait time and improve the first call resolution rate of their call centers.


Presence monitoring can help a wide range of companies improve their internal procedures, optimize resource allocation, and improve customer experience.

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