What Is A Virtual Receptionist?



A virtual receptionist is software that ensures that no customer call goes unanswered. Virtual receptionists field incoming calls and resolve basic customer needs. These needs might include scheduling appointments, routing calls or providing account information. Virtual receptionists can be tailored for specific companies or industries and in multiple languages. The most advanced solutions can quickly solicit customer information and simulate an actual conversation. 


Benefits And Advantages Of Virtual Receptionists


There are significant advantages to installing virtual receptionist software. Virtual receptionists can address basic customer service issues, freeing time for human operators to focus on more complex tasks. This reduces wait times for customers and the workload for call center staff. These solutions are also cost effective, offering 24/7, 365 service. 

That means that customers don't need to wait to receive help with routine issues. While human operators remain necessary, virtual receptionists can provide increasingly sophisticated support, and are great for freeing up human agents for more complex issue resolution. 

Virtual receptionists help large companies to reduce call center spending and help small companies rapidly scale their customer support infrastructure. Hiring and training call center staff can be a lengthy process with significant upfront investment. A virtual receptionist can be quickly deployed to bolster your existing staff or form the core of your customer service efforts. 


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