What is Agent Self-Evaluation?


Agent self-evaluation is a way to directly involve your employees in measuring their own performance while providing accurate, actionable insights on how your organization is functioning as a whole. 

The self-evaluation process is a simple, cost-effective, and inclusive way to build clarity around employees' roles while building a productive company-wide approach to performance improvement. 

Benefits & Advantages of Agent Self-Evaluation


Self-evaluation works as a methodology for building employee performance improvement because it transforms the inherently confrontational process of a traditional employee performance review and makes it a collaborative, conversational experience.  The process is beneficial both in relation to human resources and your company's broad business strategy.  

Human Resources Benefits

  • Improved ownership and morale: By actively involving them in performance evaluation, you're inviting your employees to take direct ownership of their work, and to reflect critically on what they can do to build on their achievements. 
  • Team strengthening: Regular performance evaluation processes have a punitive and confrontational tone. Self-evaluation strengthens your team by making the process conversational and collaborative.  


Business Strategy Benefits

  • Clearer operational insights: One significant failure of top-down evaluation is that your upper management is only seeing the organization's performance through the eyes of middle management. Self-evaluation allows your decision-makers to see how the organization functions in finer detail, and at every employee level. 

Types of Agent Self Evaluation


A significant strength of this approach is that there are as many types of self evaluation as there are companies. You can tailor a self evaluation methodology to reflect your company's values, employee roles, strategic priorities, and planning cycle. 


Companies That Can Use Agent Self Evaluation


While self evaluation can work successfully in any company with a team of employees, it's particularly well-suited if you're dealing with a dynamic work environment where targets and performance objectives frequently change — both across departments and over time.

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