What Is Barge-In?

A business telephone network may include a “barge-in” feature. As the phrase suggests, a barge-in happens when an authorized user within your company enters an active phone conversation without requiring a new teleconference session, an invitation, or an activation code. Barge-in functionality equips your company’s PBX with a versatile way to enhance communications with minimal administrative workload or technological disruption. 


How Do Barge-Ins Work On a PBX?


While there are several applications for this versatile technology, it’s predominantly used as a way to enhance customer service. In this scenario, a manager or supervisor will listen in on live conversations between company employees and out-of-company clients — usually customers.  At any time, the supervisor can “barge-in” to the conversation and add their voice to the mix before smoothly exiting when their input is no longer required. 


Benefits of Barge-In


Most of the advantages of barge-in functionality are reasonably intuitive. In particular, barge-in can deliver:  

  • Intervention without escalation: Using a conventional PBX, if a customer isn’t getting the information they need, they’ll want to escalate their issue. Escalations are time-consuming and bring the potential for duplicated effort.
  • Reduced client frustration: Every additional transfer or new phone session your customers experience introduces an added layer of frustration. Barge-in removes much of this friction, producing a smoother and more pleasant customer experience. 
  • Improved knowledge transfer: Passing the conversation on to a more experienced operator is a learning opportunity lost. Keeping the original operator active on the call will better equip them to handle the same issue later on. 


Who Should Use a Barge-In?


Barge-in is ideal if people in your company work to resolve complex issues with clients or customers by phone. The feature is particularly useful if those issues regularly require inputs from more than one person on your team. 

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