What is Calendar Integration?


Calendar integration allows two different applications to sync together and share data from your calendar, avoiding duplicate calendar entries or overlapping appointments. Calendar integration is a two-way process; when you book appointments in either application, that data is automatically synced so that both applications stay current in real time.


Advantages of Calendar Integration

With calendar integration, you can keep your workflow moving smoothly and have confidence that your calendar is up to date. You can also move between different devices – your work computer, home computer, or mobile device – and always have your needed scheduling information at your fingertips.

Calendar integration also saves time and money by minimizing the amount of data you have to enter in your work systems. Scheduling an appointment with multiple coworkers can be done in a few mouse clicks and then seamlessly transmitted to all applicable appointment calendars and integrated applications.


Types of Calendar Integration

Most workforce applications will integrate with the most common calendaring apps, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. More robust integrations will also sync with iCalendar, which allows both PC and Mac users to connect efficiently.

Calendar integration can also work with project management apps or even social media platforms. These types of calendar integration will allow you to organize projects and add milestone deadlines that will sync to your calendar so you’ll never miss a beat.


Advanced Calendar Integration Features


Some applications offer more advanced features that can improve your efficiency and lighten your workday. Event tags can help you categorize specific event types and execute rules, such as color coding or sharing functions, based on those tags.

Some applications also provide scheduling features so that clients and customers can book time with you automatically based on your designated office hours and existing calendar appointments. These additional features combine with the default calendar integration to minimize your time spent managing your daily schedule.


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