What Is A Contact Center Agent Dashboard (CCAD)?


Contact centers need real-time service to ensure customer satisfaction. To do this, contact centers succeed with tools like contact center agent dashboards (CCAD). A CCAD is an application that offers the ability to monitor service statuses. It displays customer service metrics, such as average time waiting, calls in the queue, and other statistics that measure performance and agent response time.


Advantages of a Contact Center Agent Dashboard (CCAD)


Productive businesses have a foundation of good order, motivation, and responsiveness. A CCAD offers many advantages that will liken your company to a well-oiled machine.

  • CCADs track agent performance and create motivation within the team to be quick with responses, and receive excellent ratings from clients.
  • Agent organization is possible with report displays, alerts, and service summaries that are available at a glace on the CCAD.
  • Team competition fuels motivation with ranking data on agents visible on CCADs.
  • Proficient agents result in happy customers.
  • Motivated and organized agents serve clients in a way that excels that of your competitors.


Types of Companies That Benefit From Contact Center Agent Dashboards


If your company engages daily with customers on multiple platforms, then a CCAD will be a helpful tool. Juggling between all the various channels of communication will lead to agents missing essential requests. A CCAD will streamline workflow.


Advanced Contact Center Agent Dashboard Features


Advanced features to look out for in CCADs include:

  • Configurable reports that display performance of individual agents and the group.
  • Flexible displays and wallboard designs to allow agents to customize their dashboard to suit their focus areas.
  • Additional applications to display real-time customer service metrics.
  • Conscientious plans for minimal report footprint include informative tooltips and a separate full-screen mode.
  • Multi-platform support
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