What Is The Do Not Disturb (DND) Feature?



A do not disturb feature allows you to choose when and how you want to be updated with incoming alerts and notifications. With this feature, it’s easier to mute all calls, notifications and alerts for tools like desk phones, soft phones, mobile devices and chat/collaboration tools. 

If you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed by calls and notifications, you can activate the do not disturb feature to shut off all, or part, of the notification and alerts that would normally come to you. The function can even be set to turn on and off automatically at scheduled intervals.


Uses And Types of Do Not Disturb Functions


For example, when you’re in a  conference, you can schedule quiet hours by setting your phone to silent mode for a specified period of time. You could also set your chat tool to do not disturb mode during a meeting to avoid unwanted messages if you're presenting from your computer. 

There are also some DND exceptions classified into contact-based and frequency-based. On contact-based, you can choose to have the calls of certain numbers set to always ring through. This feature is important when you don’t want to miss an important call from a specific contact. 

For frequency-based option, you can choose to have repeated calls (maybe a second call from the same person) to ring through. This option helps you to be aware of pressing issues, particularly when someone tries to reach you a couple of times.

The feature is a great solution to avoid unnecessary disruptions while you focus on important tasks on your schedule.


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