What is Group Chat?


Group chat is similar to chat features in that it gives you the ability to send instant messages to others in an organization. More specifically, group chat is the ability to chat with multiple people. Using a secure group chat platform, teams within your business can dynamically share information and ideas.


Who Benefits from Group Chat?


Group chat structures team-based conversations without slowing the flow of information like more traditional forms of communication such as email and office memos. The feature can make a big difference if your company needs to make decisions rapidly, or if your team needs to maintain a record of decision-points in a rapidly changing environment.


Advantages of Group Chat


Group chat supports your team’s agility in a few interrelated ways:

  • Reducing the need for face-to-face meetings: Unnecessary physical meetings cut away at your company’s productivity. Group chat allows many of the decision points that might have required a meeting to be resolved remotely.
  • A more natural flow of information: Traditional forms of corporate communication like email and teleconferencing may suppress the natural back and forth of a productive conversation. Group chat encourages a collaborative and participatory approach to sharing information, which can improve the quality of data shared.
  • Critical information shared instantly: If you work in an industry that changes quickly, sometimes you’ll need to disseminate critical knowledge in real-time. Group chat gives your team more agility in sharing knowledge and coordinating a response.



Advanced Group Chat Features


Another excellent feature of group chat is that your team’s conversations can be supported by a suite of add-on features, including:

  • Cloud collaboration: Share files and other resources through a group chat platform.
  • Team workflow tools: Assign tasks, set due dates, and allocate resources while group chatting.
  • Multimedia support: When text isn’t enough, group conversations can pull in videos and images to improve the flow of information.
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