What is Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)?


Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) devices are one form of assistive technology designed to help the deaf and hard of hearing communicate. A HAC phone allows a compatible hearing aid to connect wirelessly with the phone’s handset, usually via a telecoil — a tiny coil of wire that can act as an electromagnetic receiver across both devices.

HAC technology is available both in private residential phone models and in enterprise-grade phones. The latter combine hearing assistive technology with a typical suite of business phone features, such as voice mail, call forwarding, teleconference speakers, and programmable keys.


What Are the Benefits & Advantages of Hearing Aid Compatible?


Benefits & Advantages of Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Technology


Hearing aid compatible technology offers a range of benefits to your workplace.

  • An employee-friendly and accessible work environment: According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, approximately 15 percent of US adults experience some hearing difficulty. Equipping your company with HAC technologies makes your company a more hospitable working environment for people facing these challenges.
  • Improved voice communications: For people in your company who experience even mild hearing loss, a hearing aid compatible handset will enhance their ability to converse with customers and clients freely. This is particularly important if a crucial part of their job involves customer-facing communication. Better communication means better business outcomes.
  • Compliance with US law: US law requires that businesses equip deaf or hard of hearing employees with hearing aid compatible handsets. Investing in HAC technology means your company will be well-positioned to meet the needs of current and future employees.


What Companies That Benefit from Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Technology? 


If your company depends on effective voice communication to conduct its business, then it can benefit from hearing aid compatible technology. HAC technology makes your work environment more accessible, can ensure a consistent quality of voice communications, and will also support your company’s regulatory compliance.

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