What Is an IP Desk Phone?


IP desk phones may look like your everyday desk phones, but they use the internet to place phone calls through VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. These phones allow your employees easy access to an unlimited amount of phone calls without having to pay for a physical phone line.


How Does an IP Desk Phone Work?


IP phones take a typical phone conversation and route it digitally through the internet. The phone transmits your voice using the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable already set up in your office.


What Are The Advantages of IP Desk Phones?


By using IP Desk Phones, your employees can connect with customers and each other easily. Setting up a network of IP phones within your office has many other advantages too.

Here are a few top advantages of IP desk phones for businesses:

  • No Extra Phone Bill: IP Phones use your existing internet set up, meaning that you no longer need to pay for a separate phone bill.
  • Unlimited Phone Calls: Making phone calls over the internet means they are unlimited, and it's just as easy to make an international call as it is to make a local one. Your employees can do their best work without having to wait until someone else is off the phone.
  • Remote Workers: Providing your employees with an IP phone at home means they can always be fully connected to the office. The office and home phone could ring simultaneously, so your employee can continue to work as usual from home.


Types of Companies That Benefit from IP Phones


An IP desk phone can benefit any business looking to streamline their phone network and lower their costs. Businesses that handle a lot of calls, such as call centers or larger corporations, would particularly benefit because the system is expandable. Since IP phones use your existing internet connection, they can be useful in virtually any office.

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