What Is a Multi-Pane View?

A multi-pane view is a software feature in which multiple video conference participants can be shown at once, typically in a grid layout. This technology gives video conference participants a simple way to see everyone they’re meeting with, leading to a more engaging and human-friendly online experience.


How Multi-Pane Views Work


As participants join a video conference, a window will pop up of their webcam’s video feed. You can incorporate additional features into the multi-pane experience, including:

  • A “center-stage” view in which you can enlarge the active speaker’s window while other participant’s windows shrink to the size of a thumbnail.
  • The option to switch between a multi-pane headshot view and a virtual whiteboard display. This functionality allows participants to move smoothly from dialog to one person providing detailed instruction.
  • Support for multiple devices, from webcams on desktop machines right through to the built-in cameras of smartphones. This flexibility allows mobile and office-based participants to participate in one consistent videoconference environment seamlessly.


Benefits of Multi-Pane Views


Improved productivity: One of the more challenging aspects of working remotely is coordinating group discussions. A multi-pane view is built expressly to simplify group conversations in an intuitive way, which in turn supports improved communication productivity.

Communication flexibility: Multi-pane view can support communication across a variety of devices. However, the flexibility this technology affords is amplified by features that help teams shift quickly from group-based dialog to one-way communication, such as a whiteboard or a slide-deck.


Companies That Should Use Multi-Pane Views


Any company with a fully or partially remote team can benefit from multi-pane view functionality. If your company has found that standard videoconferencing software fails to deliver a smooth and intuitive group collaboration experience, communication software supporting a more sophisticated approach to multi-pane view may offer a powerful and user-friendly alternative.

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