What Is Omnichannel Communications?


The omnichannel communications experience involves using different channels, or methods of connecting with customers and integrating them so the customer experience is seamless, regardless of the channel they use.


What Channels Are Included in Omnichannel?


An omnichannel approach allows a company to market and sell to customers using a variety of methods. Some of these include: A brick and mortar storefront Phone calls Text messages (SMS) Live chat Email Regardless of the channel, the customer experience is always seamless and user-friendly.


Uses for Omnichannel


An omnichannel experience can be incorporated into virtually any multi-channel marketing approach. The goal of the system is to standardize and unify the organization’s messaging and approach to customers. For example, a company may offer support or sales over phone, text, or email. With an omnichannel approach, the marketing assets and communication approach will be the same regardless of the channel the customer is experiencing. The messaging, advertising methods, and purchasing experience will also be the same because the omnichannel approach creates a cohesive, unified experience.


Advanced Omnichannel Features


There are several advanced omnichannel features that can help improve productivity. You can incorporate:

  • Dashboards and analytics.
  • Examine the performance of the system at a glance: You can also run analytical reports and use the insights gained to maximize performance.
  • Skills-based routing: Clients can have their queries routed to someone who has the skills to best fulfill their needs, even if it means switching from live chat to a phone call. This saves time for clients and employees. Clients' questions get answered sooner and the employee can spend less time hunting for a solution.
  • CRM (customer relations management) system integration: With the incorporation of a CRM system, you can organize your marketing efforts around an established set of contacts.? A company that commits to providing an omnichannel experience gives customers multiple ways to access their goods or services, removing obstacles and creating opportunities. All an organization needs is the right infrastructure.
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