What Is Screen Sharing?


Screen sharing is the process of broadcasting the contents of one screen to another device or multiple devices. Screen sharing allows teams to share data, demonstrate software processes, and dynamically collaborate in real-time. The feature is powerful because it allows your team to "show" rather than merely "tell" — always a plus when you're dealing with complex, visually-oriented data.


Who Benefits From Using Screen Sharing?


While screen sharing is versatile enough to support any team that regularly shares visual information, this tool is particularly beneficial if your team members frequently need to perform one or more of the following activities:

  • Demonstrating how to use a piece of software (or multiple software packages).
  • Collaborating as a team to produce a final piece of work.
  • Conducting virtual meetings or group chat sessions on a near-daily basis.
  • Providing technical support to remote customers.


Advantages of Screen Sharing


Screen sharing can deliver three broad advantages in a business context:

  • Promoting more productive remote work: Sometimes, when working remotely, not being able to sit in front of a coworker's screen can hinder productivity. Screen sharing allows your team to have that shared screen experience without being in the same room.
  • More dynamic demonstrations and pitches: A picture says a thousand words. Equipping your sales team with the ability to show their product in real-time can improve their ability to build excitement and make an impact.
  • Greater clarity in training and technical support: Describing a visual process in words is inefficient. Being able to share your screen makes teaching and troubleshooting much more manageable.


How to Use Screen Sharing


Screen sharing software makes the process smooth and straightforward. A user establishes an online meeting, activates the screen sharing function, and selects which window or screen they'd like to share. Instantly your team will see the presenter's screen as though it were their own. Screen sharing is a simple and accessible way to get your visual message across

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