Enabling Workforce Productivity and Collaboration for the Hybrid Workforce

White Paper

White Paper

To effectively support the shift to a hybrid model, organizations need to align communication and collaboration tools to provide better visibility over work, engagement, accountability, governance and compliance. If done correctly, the move to hybrid working presents a valuable opportunity for a broader organizational transformation that can lead to new ways of working.

  • 75% of organizations expect operations to be fundamentally different going forward
  • 69% of organizations are now more reliant on technology for collaboration
  • 23% of employees faced challenges ‘being on the same page’ as colleagues during lockdown 


In this short video, a 451 Research expert shares their thoughts on common mistakes made when evolving to a hybrid working environment. Plus, you’ll learn how to create a perfect balance between home and office working.

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The future is now: Embracing hybrid working As we evolve from entirely home working to a blend of in-office and remote, the challenges organizations face are also evolving. The focus now is on enabling employees to seamlessly switch between multiple locations and remain productive. 451 Research’s series of three business impact briefs provides guidance on the operational challenges currently faced by organizations, as well as best practice on how to overcome them.

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