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Speech Analytics Tools

Speech Analytics Tools

Hearing the voice of the customer presents a challenge to even the most sophisticated contact center. Many different measurements are used to determine and evaluate the service quality of customer interactions such as disconnection rates, holding times or reaction times. But these measurements tell you about events within customer interactions instead of the reason why they occurred.

Here speech analytics comes into play. With speech analytics, you can automatically identify and extract relevant information from unstructured data for an analysis impossible to conduct manually in a costeffective way. By using speech analytics, you can optimize business processes or agent coaching and boost customer satisfaction continuously.

Just seven years ago, speech analytics was thought of as “rocket science,” while today, it is a well-tested and accepted tool to significantly improve the quality of contact center interactions. This paper describes the pros and cons of the major approaches to speech analytics and its benefits for contact centers as well as providing tips for a successful implementation.

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