Your Key to Increased ADR: The Right Guest Experience Technology

With the prevalence of online review sites, and guests’ constant access to social media, proactively managing the guest experience must be top priority for businesses in the hospitality industry. How can you transform your guest experience with a truly connected hotel?

From the video:

Your guests’ experience has never been so important, and it starts before they even arrive.

Every impression counts when it comes to your guests’ satisfaction, but you know there’s more to exceptional service than meets the eye. For every guest interaction, there’s a world of preparation and dedication behind the scenes, from day-to-day operations to the proactive service that resolves issues before your guests have a chance to discover them.

Every moment impacts the stories your guests will share about your business. And, the technology that powers your staff to work more efficiently can mean the difference between a positive and negative review – a difference that means even more to your business than you may think.

According to research from Cornell University, a one-star increase in online ratings can increase your ADR by 11.2 percent.

Go beyond the surface. With seamless communications powering your guest experience, you can go above and beyond for your guests in the ways they see and the ways they don’t.

That’s why some of the biggest names in hospitality, from small hotels to major chains and luxury establishments, trust Mitel for the technology behind their brand reputation.

Bring your guest experience into the future.