MiVoice 8568 Digital Phone

The Mitel 8568 digital phone is perfect for heavy phone users in small and medium sized businesses, the MiVoice 8568 features a six-line display

The full-featured and scalable MiVoice 8568 Telephone is the perfect solution for demanding users.

The MiVoice 8568 Telephone is perfect for users requiring efficient call processing capabilities from the Mitel MiVoice Office Edition. This powerful, ergonomically designed digital telephone features a six-line by 16-character display with eight menu-driven soft keys, which intuitively guide users through system features and capabilities. Sixteen programmable multi-function keys and 10 fixed function keys can be customized for one-touch access to the most commonly used telephony functions and settings. A built-in jack allows headsets to be attached to the phone without interfering with handset operation. The MiVoice 8568 Telephone supports both the Mitel Programmable Key Module (PKM) 12 and the Mitel Programmable Key Module (PKM) 48 for additional programmable keys and DSS/BLF functionality. Support for the Mitel Unified Communicator Express and Mitel MiCollab Client make the Mitel 8568 a powerful communications tool for small and medium businesses.


Key Benefits
10 hard function keys
16 programmable multi-function keys
Do-Not-Disturb -DND- messages
Six-line x 16-character alphanumeric display with eight -8- menu-driven context-sensitive softkeys

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Technical Specs
    • Six-line x 16-character alphanumeric display with eight, menu-driven, context-sensitive softkeys 
    • 16 programmable multi-function keys with LED indicators 
    • 10 hard function keys: Mute, Speaker, Volume Up / Down, Directory, Feature, Redial, Hold, Transfer, Message 
    • Support for optional 12 and 48 button Programmable Key Modules  
    • Hands-free operation (half-duplex)  

    • Dedicated headset jack 
    • Speed Calling (System / Station) 
    • Intercom Calling 
    • Emergency Calling  
    • Call Hold (Place / Retrieve)

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