Mitel Headset Series

Mitel’s H-Series family of headsets delivers a range of high-quality business headsets to meet the needs of contact center agents, softphone users, music lovers, and IP deskphone users.

Mitel Headset Series

Collage of Mitel Headsets

Mitel’s H-Series family of headsets delivers a range of high-quality business headsets to meet the needs of contact center agents, softphone users, music lovers, and IP deskphone users.


  • Image of a Mitel Headphone microphone

    Industry-Leading Noise Suppression

    Experience the difference with the Mitel H30 headset. It supports three built-in microphones and sophisticated noise reduction that removes up to 36 dB of background noise while retaining the user’s voice. The H30 Headset gives you unmatched, exceptional audio performance.
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    Superior Sound Protection

    Jabra PeakStop™ constantly monitors the sound level of your conversation and, whenever a sound spike comes in, PeakStop cuts off the “loud” part. Any sound above 118 decibels is considered too loud and is suppressed to protect your hearing with a safe average sound level. 

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Common Features

  • Image of a H10 Headset

    H10 Stereo USB Headset

    The H10 is a corded stereo headset with an advanced digital chipset and three strategically placed noise suppression microphones for less background conversation noise on your calls. The call controls on the earcup facilitate your call handling in a natural and intuitive way. If you’re a task-based worker who spends time collaborating via PC video and your soft phone or deskphone, this is the headset for you. And if listening to music while you work is your thing, prepare to be blown away by the audio experience the headset delivers. Supported IP phone models: Mitel 6920w/6920, 6930w/6930/6930L, 6940w/6940, 6867, 6869, 6873
  • Collage of Mitel H20 headsets

    H20 Mono Analog Desk Phone Headset

    The H20 has an extremely lightweight and unobtrusive design resulting in lowered agent fatigue and more productive calls. The H20 can be tailored for maximum flexibility depending on your personal preference, as the headset comes with three wearing styles: headband, neckband, and ear hook. Supported IP phone models: 6910, 6920w/6920, 6930w/6930/6930L, 6865, 6867, 6869, IP420/420G, IP480/480G, IP485G
  • Image of Mitel H30 headset

    H30 Stereo USB Headset

    The H30 provides you with a unique 3-microphone system with intelligent noise-cancellation that filters out background noise and breathing sounds, giving callers a superior experience. The stereo sound and super wideband audio help agents have vibrant, lifelike conversations with the highest levels of hearing protection. The Intelligent Volume Control lets you personalize the sound level to your preference and then ensures audio stays within this envelop. The H30 Headset is built for intense use with reinforced cords and a flexible, 300-degree adjustable boom arm to reduce the risk of breakage. The soft earcups rotate to fit users’ head optimally – ensuring good fit and noise seal. Supported IP phone models (requires optional H30 Link Controller): Mitel 6920w/6920, 6930w/6930/6930L, 6867, 6869, 6873
  • Image of Mitel H40 headset

    H40 Stereo DECT Cordless Headset

    The H40 provides superior wireless connectivity up to a range of 150 meters / 490 feet with no loss in connection quality. The advanced noise suppression microphone and enhanced stereo speakers deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments. The flexible stereo cordless headset is ideal for home office use, letting you roam around the entire house while on calls. It’s also an exceptional contact center supervisor headset that enables you to interact with your agents as you roam the floor. Supported IP phone models:  Mitel 6910, 6920w/6920, 6930w/6930/6930L, 6865, 6867, 6869, 6873, IP420/420G, IP480/480G, IP485G

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Comparison H10 H20 H30 H40
Work Style Task-based workers Call center focused Call center focused Task-based workers
Connection Type PC & Deskphone Deskphone Only PC & Deskphone PC & Deskphone
Wired/Wireless Wired USB-A Wired RJ9
Wired USB-A/C DECT Wireless - USB & RJ9
Quick disconnect cable N/A Yes    
HD Audio & Music Quality Stereo Mono Stereo Stereo
Prevent Breakage, Quick Disconnect N/A Yes Yes N/A
Wearing Styles 1 3 1 1
Noise Suppression Passive Noise Cancellation Air-shock noise suppression mic Noise cancelling microphone Noise cancelling microphone
Busy Light 360º Yes N/A Yes N/A
Mute/auto-answer Yes via Boom-arm Yes N/A Yes
Jabra PeakStop™ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jabra SafeTone™ & intelligent volume control N/A N/A Yes Yes
Military-grade DECT security N/A N/A N/A Yes - DECT Security Level C


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