Mitel Mass Notification

Intelligent Notifications. Connect with the Right People at the Right Time.

Mitel Mass Notification enables faster delivery and acknowledgment of vital information across a wide range of channels and devices. From crisis communications to routine day-to-day activities such as billing notices, employee communications and announcements, Mitel Mass Notification enables staff to easily and quickly send multi-modal messages in real-time.

Does your campus, organization or business ...

  • Require an intelligent notification solution for crisis communications?
  • Desire to communicate notifications via different media channels including SMS, email, desktop alert, landline and mobile phones?
  • Have the need to implement business operations notifications including billing notices, order status, and appointment reminders?
  • Want a more effective way to send employee communications and deliver those messages using the recipients preferred communication method?

Mitel Mass Notification benefits include …

With Mitel Mass Notification you can easily deliver and track vital information – ensuring you connect with the right people at the right time.

  • Broadcast messages via landline, mobile phone, IP phone, text, email or other customized channels to reach the widest audience
  • Deliver real-time, personalized and interactive notifications over the user’s channel of choice
  • Automate communications for order status, employee notifications, outages, billing notices, special offers, etc.
  • Before an event occurs, prepare pre-recorded or pre-scripted messages; define chains of escalations with first responders; and rapidly notify students, faculty, staff, family, and residents
  • Quickly notify and deploy incident response teams; immediately collaborate and respond to emergency situations with instant live conference calling
  • Generate real-time and historical reports of message delivery and confirmation; improve visibility into communication effectiveness

See how Texas A&M uses Mass Notification to keep its sizable student body, faculty and staff connected – especially when it’s critical.

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