Mitel Cloud Online Admin Training

Clearspan Work at Home Options

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OpEasy® Training

These tutorials are for technicians and administrators responsible for the administration of the Clearspan® system using the OpEasy® application.

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Advanced Portal Tutorials

The Advanced Portal training is available 24X7. With these tutorials, you will learn how to administrate Clearspan® network壮 Enterprises, Groups, Departments, and Users and voicemail.

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Implementation Database Workshop

These tutorials will demonstrate the process on how to fill in the System Database Workshop Template and the Advanced Provisioning Spreadsheet. Please fill out as much as you can, when you are finished contact your Implementation Engineer.

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End User Training

The End User Training is available 24X7. With these tutorials, you will learn about features of Mitel SIP Phones, how to customize your phone with applications such as the Assistant Toolbar, Receptionist & Unified Messaging as well as how to work with the User Web Portal and Clearspan® Anywhere.

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Simple Phone Deployment

How to Activate a Mitel Phone using the Auto Install process ›

How to Activate a Plycom Phone using the QSetup process ›

Technical Support

Click here to get technical support contact information for your Mitel phone and AT&T phone service

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Mitel Clearspan Sales

If you have any question, please call or email the Mitel team:
Phone Number: 877-314-5682
Email: [email protected]


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