Managed Services

Proactively manage your voice solution and minimize downtime with Mitel Managed Services.

Complete end-to-end solution and service coverage

With communications being a mission-critical application, availability is of paramount importance. Mitel Management Services allow you to build upon your standard maintenance contract to become more proactive in how incidents are managed. Mitel’s suite of Management Services focuses on minimizing downtime for your voice solution.

In the United Kingdom, Managed Services will bundle individual services like Release Management, Capacity Management and others into one flexible maintenance contract billed monthly per user per port, should specific customer needs require a custom plan.
In the United States, the TotalSolution Program will provide end-to-end management on a monthly plan. The program offers flexible financing options that enable organizations to focus time and resources on growing their businesses.

Co-location Services (UK only)

Whether you are starting with only a few Units (U) of co-location or you require a dedicated room, scale and management are of key concern. If your hosting requirements double in a year or your UPS systems need to be refreshed, the Mitel Co-location Service gives you the peace of mind you need. So, if your power, cooling, and room space requirements increase, the Mitel Co-location service provides a reliable outsource solution that can cater for the management and maintenance environments that your infrastructure needs.

TotalSolution Program (US only): Complete care, made totally easy

The Mitel TotalSolution® Program is a managed service offering that provides a complete communications solution – implementation, maintenance and administration, and comprehensive financing – all on a fixed term with monthly payments. Take advantage of Mitel’s comprehensive service capabilities to eliminate the risks and uncertainties associated with the ownership and management of advanced technology. Our TotalSolution Program offers complete support, including:

1) Assessment of your current and future needs, including recommendations for communication-enabled process improvements.
2) Complete design, implementation, monitoring, and management of a communications solution fit to your organization.
3) A customized financial package that optimizes your returns, reduces your risk, and guarantees your costs for up to five years.

Leave the responsibility of solution management with the ones who know it best. Mitel will take control of the details with a complete managed service offering that frees you to focus on your core area of business.

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