Repair Services

We want to ensure that our products are as environmentally friendly as possible through designing products that can be repaired and maintained. Our convenient repair services for Mitel products and OEM products are available to authorized partners and distributors. The ability to repair and regularly maintain products ensures that it is safe and continues to run efficiently.

Benefits of repairable products:



Mitel Repair Services is committed to competitive pricing 


We ensure a smooth repair process including the use of web-based tools supported by our experienced Mitel Repair Services team


We provide a speedy resolution for our customers including the option of a worldwide exchange service on over 800 Mitel products


Using our environmentally friendly services makes a valuable contribution to a sustainable environment 


As a customer, you can trust that your communication solution is in the hands of the original vendor, leveraging unrivalled expertise and experience in repairing Mitel products


Mitel Repair Services is committed to excellent service levels and quality standards using genuine Mitel product parts, across its global network of Mitel certified repair providers


Mitel is the only authorized repair facility for Mitel product lines. We offer a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ solution. Our work is supported by Mitel’s manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty plans. 

Looking for support with repairs?

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