PolyAI Conversation-Led Voice Assistant

Enterprise voice assistant that carry on natural conversations with customers to solve their problems. 

App Overview

PolyAI use customer-led voice assistants to automate common customer support transactions, such as customer identification and verification. Designed with CX at the center, PolyAI voice assistants feel, sound, and speak like a human. With 24/7 availability, no wait times, and exhaustive data, PolyAI voice assistants coupled with Mitel’s UC Communication solutions empower you to deliver a superhuman customer experience.

Benefits of PolyAI Voice Assistants


  • Human Level Conversational Awareness
  • Accurate understanding in any circumstance and language
  • Effortless information collection
  • Proactive dialogue management
  • Consistent and warm brand voice
  • Intelligent upselling and cross selling
  • Take appointments and seek confirmation via outbound calls
  • Convert robust voice assistants to text to support true omnichannel experiences
  • NLU model designed for contextual awareness at every stage of a conversation

Compatibility & System Requirements


Compatible: The 3rd party solution or service is globally interoperable with Mitel Products and is eligible for Mitel MSA Support.

How to Get

Please visit https://www.poly.ai


Application support: Please contact PolyAI at https://www.poly.ai
Integration support: Please contact your Mitel Channel Partner/Reseller


PolyAI builds enterprise voice assistants that carry on natural conversations with customers to solve their problems. Our voice assistants understand customers, regardless of what they say or how they say it. We serve enterprises where customer conversation is an important part of doing business. Our customers include some of the leading names in banking, hospitality, insurance, retail, and telecommunications.  Our enterprise clients deploy PolyAI voice assistants to cut down on wait times and free up live staff to focus on calls requiring empathy and judgment. As a result, our enterprise clients see improved customer satisfaction, employee retention and operational efficiency. 

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