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Leverage Investments

Make the most of existing investments by choosing communications solutions that smoothly integrate with the systems, applications and technologies you rely on most. We partner with you on solutions, pricing and programs that fit your budget.

Upgrade Communications Without Upgrading Your Budget

There are a number of ways to upgrade communications solutions while keeping costs down. Look for solutions that can be shared and that support APIs for integration with Microsoft applications and with school paging, CCTV, door access, bell, clock, alarm and security systems. Focus on solutions that are easy to install, administer and maintain to save time and IT resources.

Simplify Communications Integration

Choose solutions that support connectors and plug-ins for faster and easier integration with your existing applications and systems. And ensure solutions support open APIs so you can continue to evolve communications and collaboration capabilities without locking in to a particular vendor.

Our unified communications solutions can be easily integrated with a variety of existing tools, including free and low-cost applications, such as Google G Suite.

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Share IP-Based Solutions

Adopt IP-based solutions for communications and collaboration so you can cost-effectively share applications across the network. Save on call toll rates between educational facilities with an integrated call solution for all sites.

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Keep costs as low as possible with specialized programs and offerings that help schools advance technology solutions while keeping costs down:

  • Cloud-based hosted services, such as Mitel Clearspan, provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional voice services
  • Sourcewell is a cooperative purchasing community that helps schools ensure they benefit from quality products and competitive prices

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