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There are a number of ways to upgrade communications solutions while keeping costs down. Look for solutions that can be shared and that support APIs for integration with Microsoft applications and with school paging, CCTV, door access, bell, clock, alarm, and security systems. Focus on solutions that are easy to install, administer, and maintain to save time and IT resources.

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"We needed a technologically advanced telephony system to match the fantastic ICT facilities in the school."

Jon Martin, ICT Programme Manager, East Sussex County Council
"Mitel is not a superior product just because I think so. It’s a fact. I’ve used a Cisco phone at other workplaces, and it’s an overly complicated phone system. Mitel has complex functionality, but by default it’s a simplistic system that allows people to easily communicate with each other."

Michael Mathews, Chief Information Officer, Oral Roberts University
"The University network has undergone a £5 million upgrade. That has allowed us to migrate our communications system from the traditional copper cable telephony system to this enhanced network. We can also, at some point, choose to have the phone system hosted as a cloud option, which would not have been possible with the old system."

Graeme Roberts, Telecoms Manager, University of Liverpool
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