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The Strata CIX Family gives your small business, enterprise branch or retail locations powerful IP capabilities, allowing you to communicate when and where you need to. With the ability to support a mix of IP, digital and analog phones, Strata CIX is ideal for organizations that want to keep using the existing digital phones as long as possible and evolve to IP in phases.
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IPedge® was made for businesses that need sophisticated communications, but want the phone system to be as simple as possible to own, use and manage. One industry-standard server runs all call control, productivity applications and management functions for significant savings on equipment and maintenance. This includes call processing, messaging, unified communications, mobility, conferencing, collaboration and centralized administration.
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VIPedge’s® cloud-based business voice over IP (VoIP) telephone solution is designed for organizations needing robust communication features without having to own and maintain an onsite telephone system. Whether you want to conserve capital or simply free your IT talent for other things than running the office phone system, hosted communications services can be very liberating—and surprisingly affordable.
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Transition to Mitel Seamlessly

Change can be challenging for businesses. This is why Mitel is committed to ensuring our customers get the support and service they need during this period of transition. Our customers are our number one priority and we want to help you connect with a Toshiba transition expert anytime, anywhere. To help, we’ve created an FAQ to answer any questions you might have.

Choose a Better Path Forward

When you take your next steps, you need to be sure it is the right path so you don’t end up back where you started. That means working with a vendor that has a reputation for high performance and stability to ensure your business is supported today and in the future, no matter how your needs change and grow. With feature-rich and mobile-first solutions to support your communications from end to end, Mitel is the only brand in three Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for business communications.

Find your best path with Mitel

Find a business communications system that fits your unique needs whenever, wherever. When Michael Johnson Performance’s Nortel system was left unsupported, the team quickly realized that, in order to stay competitive, they had to re-evaluate their needs and choose a system they could depend on.

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